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Fast advances in science and technology have broadened the horizons of engineering whilst simultaneously creating a multitude of challenging problems in every aspect of modern life. The HighTech and Innovation Journal is intended as an outlet for individuals conducting research on high technology at both a micro and macro level of analysis. High technology journal is a journal that emphasizes the interconnections among engineering, mathematics, science, technology, and the humanities.

HighTech and Innovation Journal is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal devoted to publishing research papers in the fields of integrated engineering and technology. We invite researchers interested in HighTech and Innovation to contribute their original research articles to this journal.


Current areas of interest also include, but are not limited to:

  • Smart Technologies and Applications
  • Innovation in Materials and Nanotechnology
  • Sustainability, Energy and Clean Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Cognitive Computing
  • Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
  • Mechanical Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing
  • Innovation/Inventions in Electrical Engineering and Electronic Science
  • Infrastructure, Buildings and Construction Technology
  • Medical Technologies (Technologies Related to Diagnosing, Monitoring, Treating and etc.)
  • Human Services Technology

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Vol 2, No 4 (2021): December

Research Articles

Review Articles

2021 Archive

1st Issue (2021)                            2nd Issue (2021)

Vol 2, No 1: March                                      Vol 2, No 2: June

3rd Issue (2021)                            4th Issue (2021)

Vol 2, No 3: September                          Vol 2, No 4: December

2020 Archive

1st Issue (2020)                            2nd Issue (2020)

    Vol 1, No 1: March                                      Vol 1, No 2: June

3rd Issue (2020)                            4th Issue (2020)

Vol 1, No 3: September                          Vol 1, No 4: December


We would like to invite you to submit your original work for consideration and possible publication in our research based scientific journal.


Posted: 2020-01-21
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