An Adaptive Differential Evolution with Multiple Crossover Strategies for Optimization Problems

Irfan Farda, Arit Thammano


The efficiency of a Differential Evolution (DE) algorithm largely depends on the control parameters of the mutation strategy. However, fixed-value control parameters are not effective for all types of optimization problems. Furthermore, DE search capability is often restricted, leading to limited exploration and poor exploitation when relying on a single strategy. These limitations cause DE algorithms to potentially miss promising regions, converge slowly, and stagnate in local optima. To address these drawbacks, we proposed a new Adaptive Differential Evolution Algorithm with Multiple Crossover Strategy Scheme (ADEMCS). We introduced an adaptive mutation strategy that enabled DE to adapt to specific optimization problems. Additionally, we augmented DE with a powerful local search ability: a hunting coordination operator from the reptile search algorithm for faster convergence. To validate ADEMCS effectiveness, we ran extensive experiments using 32 benchmark functions from CEC2015 and CEC2016. Our new algorithm outperformed nine state-of-the-art DE variants in terms of solution quality. The integration of the adaptive mutation strategy and the hunting coordination operator significantly enhanced DE's global and local search capabilities. Overall, ADEMCS represented a promising approach for optimization, offering adaptability and improved performance over existing variants.


Doi: 10.28991/HIJ-2024-05-02-02

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Metaheuristic Algorithm; Differential Evolution Algorithm; Multiple Strategies; Reptile Search Algorithm.


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DOI: 10.28991/HIJ-2024-05-02-02


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