Interdisciplinary Studies of Jet Systems using Euler Methodology and Computational Fluid Dynamics Technologies

Yuri A. Sazonov, Mikhail A. Mokhov, Anton V. Bondarenko, Victoria V. Voronova, Khoren A. Tumanyan, Egor I. Konyushkov


This study aims to conduct interdisciplinary research using computerized solutions to inventive problems in fluidics. The chosen direction of work relates to the scientific search for new opportunities for extremal control of the thrust vector within a complete geometric sphere (with the range of rotation angle change for the thrust vector being ±180° in any direction). This study assesses the prospects for the emergence of patentable innovative solutions for maneuverable unmanned vehicles. One of the most urgent tasks is to increase the process efficiency in forming fluid medium flow, expanding opportunities for controlling this flow parameter. The research uses an interdisciplinary approach with simulation modeling. The authors of the paper reveal new possibilities for using an ejector with two curved mixing chambers to create special jet units. Calculations (CFD) have confirmed the performance of the simulator ejector when controlling the thrust vector with 90° and 180° rotation. Manufacturing physical micromodels used additive technologies to allow simulation modeling under laboratory conditions. Using “data mining” methods, it was shown for the first time that, based on Euler’s ideas and methodology, it is possible to create a new methodology for teaching and solving inventive problems. The research results apply to power engineering and unmanned vehicles. Some results of scientific studies can be used to create special computer programs working together with artificial intelligence to create advanced techniques and technologies.


Doi: 10.28991/HIJ-2023-04-04-01

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Interdisciplinary Research; Ejector; Nozzle Apparatus; Thrust Vector; Computer Simulation.


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DOI: 10.28991/HIJ-2023-04-04-01


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