The Impact of Social Media on the Development of Women Especially in Transition States

Xhevahire Izmaku, Rrezarta Gashi


The main goal of this paper was to highlight the importance of social media in the development of women entrepreneurs in the state of Kosovo, where the number of women entrepreneurs is increasing every day. In this research, two objectives are presented: to analyze the influence of social media on women’s entrepreneurship in the case of Kosovo and to measure the impact of social media usage on sales of women’s entrepreneurship in the case of Kosovo. To realize this empirical research, a questionnaire containing 25 questions was used, and 750 women entrepreneurs answered this questionnaire over a period of 5 months. The results of the analysis are presented through descriptive analysis, Pearson correlation, and the OLS model. The results of this research show that social media has a positive effect on increasing sales in women-led businesses; they have easier access to communication. Also, the results indicate that these media have a positive impact on increasing the audience as well as reducing expenses during the marketing campaign. Based on the presented results, it is stated that social media is the primary influencer in the development of women’s entrepreneurship, and these findings are nearly similar to the results of research conducted by authors from various countries.


Doi: 10.28991/HIJ-2023-04-03-07

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Social Media; Women; Entrepreneurship; Development.


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DOI: 10.28991/HIJ-2023-04-03-07


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