Study on the Test Error of Silt Dynamic Characteristic and Its Influence on the Peak Ground Acceleration

Bo Li, Xiaofei Li


In order to grasp the nonlinear experimental errors of dynamic shear modulus ratio (DSMR) and damping ratio (DR), as well as the current level of resonant column testing, the GZ-1 resonant column instrument was used to study the probability statistical indicators, basic laws, and the impact of experimental errors on peak acceleration of DSMR and DR of silt under 8 typical shear strains. The results show that, firstly, the DSMR and DR of silt under different shear strains obey normal distributions. Secondly, there is no significant difference between the reference range of the standard deviation of the DSMR and DR of silt and the outer envelope line. This result indicates that the dispersion of experimental errors for the same person is very small. Thirdly, in medium to hard sites, the influence of experimental errors in DSMR and DR on peak acceleration can be ignored. And the impact of DR test errors on peak acceleration should not be ignored on soft ground with a probability range exceeding 95%. Overall, the testing accuracy of the testing personnel proved to generally meet the requirements, while in other special cases, it is necessary to increase the number of parallel tests and improve the testing technology. Otherwise, it will cause certain risks to the estimation of seismic input for engineering structures.


Doi: 10.28991/HIJ-2023-04-01-05

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Dynamic Shear Modulus Ratio; Damping Ratio; Test Error; Probability; Peak Ground Acceleration.


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DOI: 10.28991/HIJ-2023-04-01-05


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