The Use of Zipline Drones Technology for COVID-19 Samples Transportation in Ghana

Emmanuel Lamptey, Dorcas Serwaa


Drone technology has had many general applications in the military, agriculture, data processing industry, security and the health sector. The emergence the novel coronavirus pandemic has increase its revolution in the healthcare industry. Ghana, a western African country, was the first country to programme and deploy automated drones to shuttle medical supplies and samples of suspected COVID-19 patients. By this approach, Ghana was able to respond timely to the pandemic and quickly saved the lives of the general population. This paper presents a narrative study on the use of Zipline drones for transporting samples of suspected COVID-19 patients, the challenges and potential barriers encountered.


Zipline-Drones; COVID-19; Testing Capacity; Ghana.


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DOI: 10.28991/HIJ-2020-01-02-03


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