The Effect of Gurney Flap and Trailing-edge Wedge on the Aerodynamic Behavior of an Axial Turbine Blade

Mohammad Mahdi Mahzoon, Masoud Kharati-Koopaee


In this research, the effect of Gurney flap and trailing-edge wedge on the aerodynamic behavior of blunt trailing-edge airfoil Du97-W-300 which is equipped with vortex generator is studied. To do this, the role of Gurney flap and trailing-edge wedge on the lift and drag coefficient and also aerodynamic performance of the airfoil is studied. Validation of the numerical model is performed by comparison of the obtained results with those of experiment. Results show that before stall, Gurney flap leads to the increase in the aerodynamic performance in a wider range of angle of attack. Numerical findings reveal that the maximum increment for the aerodynamic performance is obtained at low angle of attack when trailing-edge wedge is employed. It is found that for the highest considered value of Gurney flap and trailing-edge wedge heights, where the highest values for the lift occur, the higher aerodynamic performance at low angle of attack is obtained when trailing-edge wedge is used and at high angle of attack, the Gurney flap results in a higher aerodynamic performance. It is also shown that when high aerodynamic performance is concerned, addition of Gurney flap to the airfoil leads to the higher value for the lift.


Doi: 10.28991/HIJ-2021-02-04-03

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Gurney Flap; Trailing-edge Wedge; Aerodynamic Performance; Axial Turbine.


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DOI: 10.28991/HIJ-2021-02-04-03


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